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Saving Face

February 2, 2009

A little over a week ago my hyper-sensitive combination skin went bonkers. I looked in the mirror one morning and found my forehead covered in little bumps that went from white to red with the slightest provocation.

Sure, I knew what the causes were… the nasty stuff that my hairdresser covered my head with when I got a perm the day before, a few nights of very bad sleep, several little emotional upheavals and hormones on a rampage always make for a fun day.  But identifying the causes didn’t really help provide any solutions – at least not any quick ones (yes mummy I know I need more sleep).

Seeing as it was Chinese New Years Eve, I was feeling somewhat desparate. So I decided to assemble the three facial products that had at one point another been particularly kind to my face, and use ’em at one go. Here they are:

My bad-face day must-haves

Origins’ “Never A Dull Moment” gets rid of all that dead skin, cleans out clogged pores and makes your skin smooth & receptive to other treatments.A wonderful scrub for people with sensitive skin. And it smells good too.

Biotherm’s Source Therapie pumps muchos moisture into your skin and leaves it very soft and happy. I use this as a standalone moisturiser or a base for more heavy-duty moisturisers in colder climates. Perfect for hydrating combination skin.

Finally, Vichy’s NormaDerm Night Chrono-Active Pore Refining Care helps to regulate sebum over-production and tighten up your now-cleansed pores. (My cousin, who’s skin is also very sensitive, said this range was a little too harsh for her, but it’s worked well for me.)

I used all three products together, and within three days my skin was as good as new. And I thought my face wouldn’t survive another week without a facial! It took a lot of trial and error over the years, but I’m pleased as punch that I’ve finally found the few items that really can do my cranky skin a world of good. (I do not feel strongly about any cleansers, toners or masques. I use any cleanser that’s cheap and mild, and I haven’t found any toners or masques to be worth investing any money in.)

So if you’re stressing over the fact that your skin is grossly congested and nothing you’re using seems to help, take heart – sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right product. Once you do, it saves you a great deal of time that can be better spent on other things, and spares you needless worry.

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