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A Bounce in My Step

February 26, 2009

Do any of you use a clothes dryer at home?

Cos if you do, then you really must get a box of Bounce dryer sheets… They are the best thing ever (well, so are many other things… but for this post, Bounce sheets are the best thing ever =).


This very lovely-smelling product serves many purposes:

1) Reducing static cling on clothing when it comes out of the dryer.

2) Removing lint on clothing when it’s in the dryer.

3) Softening clothes in the dryer.

These are the primary three purposes. In addition, Bounce sheets can:

4) Be used to remove static or lint from clothes anytime, simply by rubbing a sheet over your clothing.

5) Be used to clean grime off sinks and such. It catches dirt really well.

6) Make anything and everything smell good. I especially like cutting a sheet of Bounce into half and shoving each half into either side of a pair of shoes to keep them smelling fresh. You can also keep a sheet in any drawer or cabinet that needs some refreshing.


I think a box of 40 sheets costs $6.30 at Cold Storage. Not cheap, I know. But worth the money! And surprisingly the price isn’t very much worse than what it is in the US (though in the US you can buy really big boxes of it and of course you get massive cost savings there).  You can also buy the stuff at Carrefour I believe.  I had some trouble finding it at Fairprice Finest and Giant though, but maybe I just didn’t look hard enough…

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