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Crying Over Spilt Nail Polish?

March 5, 2009

I read/hear of lots of homecare tips, so I thought I would test some of them out every now and then, and let you guys know when I’ve stumbled upon a winner or a lemon.

So here’s Tip Test #1. I read in an old issue of “O” magazine a little blurb about what you need to do to remove nail polish from surfaces like tables when you’ve had a spill.

Here’s what the article says not to do:
1) Do NOT use nail polish remover, because it will damage your tabletop.
2) Do not try to wipe the nail polish, because it will just make it spread.

All you do need to do, the article says, is to leave the nail polish there till it dries. And when it dries, you just flick it away.

I tested it myself yesterday, and here’s what happened:

img_1338 img_1340

I dropped a blob of my pale pink Body Shop polish on my bathroom counter top, and left it there to dry for an hour or so.  When I checked on it, it seemed to have hardened, so I just peeled at it, and it did in fact come off at one go! (I couldn’t exactly just “flick it away” though – maybe I didn’t leave it to dry long enough.)

The only thing is, there was a teeny bit of residue left on the counter, so I still had to use a dash of nail polish remover to take it off completely. But all in all, a good tip. I think without having read the tip, I would have just grabbed a tissue and rubbed furiously… =)

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