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That’s A Stretch!

May 12, 2009

Here is the nice baby T I bought on the train going to Machu Picchu (it has a picture of an orchid on it because several varieties of orchids grow on Machu Picchu):


Because I bought it on the train, I didn’t actually get a chance to try it on before paying. When I finally did, I found out that it was too small for me. And I mean REALLY tight.

So after we got home, I had to consider what to do with the T-shirt. I decided I would try stretching it. I knew shoe stores had those shoe-stretcher contraptions, but I’d never seen a T-shirt stretcher. Thankfully, I had a brainwave: I would use one of my dining chairs from Barang Barang. This is the chair:


And ta da:


I let my chair wear the T-shirt for two days, and after that, the shirt fit perfect =D

I’m so glad I don’t have to give it away!

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