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Sugar by any another name would taste as sweet

June 15, 2009

Here’s a short note on the various kinds of sugar you will come across most often in recipes, in case any of you find the differences somewhat mystifying…

Table Sugar = Granulated Sugar = Fine Grain Sugar


Regular white sugar that we use all the time around the house to sweeten coffee and tea and to do most of our cooking.

Caster Sugar = Superfine sugar


Finer grade of white sugar than granulated sugar, though not as fine as confectioners’ sugar. It dissolves much faster than granulated sugar and is used often in baking cakes with a finer texture.

Confectioners’ Sugar  = Powdered Sugar = Icing Sugar


Very small sugar crystals that are so fine they have a powder-like texture. This is the stuff that you dip strawberries in, and also what you use to make cake icing.



Black syrup that is a by-product of sugar production.

Brown Sugar


Sugar coated with molasses so it becomes brown in color. Feels more moist than regular granulated sugar.

Raw Sugar


Unrefined residue after sugarcane is processed to remove molasses. Looks and tastes similar to brown sugar but they are not the same.

Rock Sugar = Chinese Sugar


Large translucent white sugar crystals. Less sweet than regular granulated sugar. This is the stuff you use to boil barley water.

Here are the helpful websites I got some of this information from. There are many many other sites with pages on sugar, if you can be bothered to go google them up…

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