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Infused Oil

July 3, 2009


Nigella’s pork chop recipe actually asks for infused oil, and I had no idea what that was so I just used good old olive oil.

But I decided to also find out what infused oil was, and basically it’s oil infused with some kind of herb(s).

I like the concept, so I’m attempting to make my own infused oil =)

1) First, get a glass bottle.

I re-used a soba sauce bottle (which unfortunately still smells a bit of soba sauce but ah well…)


2) Next, get some extra virgin olive oil.


3) Get a herb that you like.

I love rosemary, so here’s some I got out of my freezer. (Yes, my freezer.  A little tip I picked up from my friend apprenticehousewife to preserve the life of unused herbs.)


4) Stick the herb into the bottle, pour the olive oil into the bottle, and let the whole thing sit in a nice dark place for two weeks.

I was a little stingy with my oil, so I left the bottle lying diagonally in such a way that all of the herb is in contact with the oil.

I hope it turns out nice =) Then I can use this to cook all my pasta…

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