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I Lurve Brunch Food

September 19, 2009


To kick off a long lazy weekend, I thought it’d be nice to have some brunch food. I just lurve brunch food =) Pancakes, omelettes, toast…

I think my favorite pancake place of all time is Stacks in Northern California. Where they serve gigantic… err.. stacks, of delicious blueberry pancakes dripping with maple syrup and butter. Ooh… Maybe I’ll do pancakes next Saturday.

There aren’t too many dedicated breakfast/brunch food places in Singapore I don’t think. But Jones at Dempsey is pretty good. Their sauteed mushrooms are wonderful! I need to find out how to do perfect sauteed mushrooms.

It’s expensive doing brunch out though. Good thing it’s pretty easy to do at home. Today we just had toast with honey, baked beans and omelettes with all the usual suspects in it. As you can see the omelettes exploded a little =) Combination of not enough eggs left in the fridge + too-large frying pan + heaps of fillings.  I also added some cut green chili to the omelettes because I’m trying to finish up a pack that I bought a couple of days ago. It was good actually – gave the omelette a bit more kick. And I like to stir up my eggs with some Italian herbs before I pour them into the pan, to give them a nice aroma. A small addition, but it makes a big difference!

With that.. have a happy long weekend everybody =) And happy Hari Raya to all my muslim friends!


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  1. mrmultitasker permalink
    October 31, 2009 11:34 pm

    Hey, that’s me in the photo! Looks like my honey was taking pictures of my honey (and toast and beans and omelette). Haha.

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