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Harumi & Me (Week 3)

October 4, 2009


Last night’s dinner menu really wasn’t very demanding, but for some reason I found the whole process very tiring (and quite long). I think maybe it’s because I wasn’t in a very good mood most of the day… *sigh*

When I finally wandered into the kitchen at 5:30, I spent a lot of time just spacing out into the daunting pages of the cookbook, pacing about the kitchen floor and feeling overwhelmed.

I’m always telling people you should never cook or bake when you’re in a bad mood, or you’ll taste the bad mood in your food. I suppose that wasn’t entirely true last night, but there was one dish that never made it to the consumption stage.

Here’s what we had:

Spinach Ohitashi Style

Salmon Teriyaki

x Green Tea Jelly x (We didn’t exactly have this. There’s a bowl of green tea something or other still sitting in my fridge, and it’s definitely not wobbly. I should just throw it out or drink it. Maybe later…)

The Jelly recipe looked easy enough. First, mix green tea powder & sugar with a little hot water to form a paste, then with a lot of cold water. Next, mix gelatin powder with some water and stick it in the microwave to melt. Now here’s the problem see – we don’t have a microwave. We have a water oven. It was a well-meaning wedding present from an aunt, and it’s not terrible – it doesn’t dry out the food like a microwave does, apparently it kills some of the fat in your food, and you can even use it to steam and grill food. Problem is it literally takes 8-10 times longer than a microwave to heat up or defrost anything. I wasn’t going to wait ten minutes for my gelatin powder to melt in the water oven, so I just poured in a little boiling water, swished it around till it looked melted, and poured the stuff into the green tea mixture. But it never set.

Gelatin makes me sad. When I made those strawberry jelly hearts a few months back the gelatin drove me nuts too – both times. It congeals so fast you just can’t do anything with it! And it smells horrible. Like burning plastic.

But burning glutinous masses aside, the rest of the dinner was alright. Our cold dish was Spinach Ohitashi Style. A great dish that’s really healthy and a cinch to make. Just parboil some spinach, chop it up, squeeze it dry, and arrange it in two clumps on a plate with seaweed scattered over one clump and Bonito flakes over the other.


And our main dish was Salmon Teriyaki. My husband actually thought it was excellent, which was quite gratifying since the teriyaki sauce was home made (just soy sauce, mirin and caster sugar). And I got to use some of my leftover mushrooms from Mycofarm that I had kept in the freezer. I also cooked some Japanese rice to add some bulk to the meal (I had cheated and used ordinary Thai rice for the Gyudon in week 1).



I think I’ll go drink my chilled non-gelatinous green tea now…

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  1. mrmultitasker permalink
    October 31, 2009 11:48 pm

    This was very yummy, dearie!

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