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Odour Be Gone

October 26, 2009


Some of you may recall that I blogged seven months ago about the power of white vinegar to restore crockery to its perfect shiny newness.Yesterday I discovered another great application for the sour condiment – it removes odours.

After frying that chicken dish for week 5 of the Harumi project, my entire apartment from living room to master bedroom smelt like used cooking oil. The last time we deep fried something, this used-oil smell stayed in the apartment for almost two days, despite our best attempts at airing the place.

So this time I decided to try something different. I had heard about this vinegar solution before, so I thought ah why not. All I had to do was pour some vinegar into a pot, add an equal amount of water, and let the mixture boil for 15 minutes or so. After which time, the whole kitchen and its surroundings smelt of nothing but vinegar. I washed out the pot and went to bed, and by this morning, there was no more vinegar smell, and only the faintest smell of oil.

Ooh yeah – vinegar rocks =) And as an added benefit, the pot I used to boil the vinegar in is now sparkly clean!

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  1. Fatty Patty permalink
    October 26, 2009 11:14 pm

    You saved my pot (burnt it cooking jpn curry – don’t ask)! Eternally grateful 🙂

  2. mrsmultitasker permalink*
    October 26, 2009 11:42 pm

    Haha oh dear… I’m glad your pot is saved then! Vinegar is da bomb

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