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Harumi & Me (Week 6)

November 1, 2009


Last night’s dinner was hard work. Not because the dishes were difficult – they were all fairly straightforward. I was just feeling a little tired, so it took some time figuring out what order I should do everything in.

But before the details, here are the dishes:

Bite Size Steak Pieces with Japanese Vegetables

Sesame Miso Soup with Tofu

Garlic Fried Rice

First dish was very straightforward – just pan fried steak pieces with a lovely melange of mixed vegetables – chopped ginger, celery, spring onion, basil and mint (the basil and mint were the recommended substitutes for shiso leaves, which I had no time to go buy). And a sauce comprising dashi, soy sauce and rice vinegar. We cooked our steak just right and the dish turned out lovely. The mix of vegetables gave it a very fresh flavour (which my husband referred to as a “garden” taste ahaha… I don’t think it was a compliment but eh – I liked it!).

The second dish was different from what you usually get at a Japanese restaurant because of the sesame paste – and not pre-made sesame paste but home-made! The paste was technically easy to make but a lot of work. Had to toast the sesame seeds then grind them, and the grinding took ages… (But I was very pleased that I got to use my new sesame grinder that I had bought during the Taka cardmember sale last month. Inexpensive and pretty!) I’m not sure if I over-toasted the sesame cos it had a bit of smokey/burnt flavour. Nice though =)



And lastly, some rice fried with garlic, basil, mint and soy sauce.


Sixteen recipes down….. ahh soo many more to go….

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