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Agedashi Tofu

November 17, 2009

Alrighty here’s the Agedashi Tofu recipe, but with some steps re-arranged to make your life easier (trust me on this), and additional points of clarification.

Ingredients (4 servings):

600g soft/silken tofu (2 packs)
Potato starch or corn flour for dusting the tofu
Oil to deep fry the tofu
1 cup/200ml dashi or fish stock
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp soy sauce
A little caster sugar
A little salt
Grated daikon (Japanese radish)
Grated ginger
Shiso leaves (or mix of basil and mint leaves) chopped into thin strips
Myoga, chopped into 1-2mm pieces (optional)
Spring onion chopped into 1-2mm pieces


1. Drain the tofu, then wrap in kitchen paper and place in a sieve for 30min to remove excess moisture.

2. Grate/ chop all your vegetables if you haven’t already.

3. In a small pan heat up the dashi, mirin , soy sauce, sugar and salt. Bring to boil, ensuring that sugar has dissolved. Keep warm.

4. Cut each block of tofu into half, dry again with kitchen paper. (I was cooking for two and I cut my one block of tofu into four pieces, but I think bigger pieces are easier to work with.)

5. Heat oil in a wok to a suitable temperature for deep frying (around 170deg C). Put potato starch/cornflour in a bowl, then take a piece of tofu and turn it around gently in the flour to coat. Throw coated tofu into the wok. Keep doing this with each piece of tofu. (The original recipe asks for the tofu to be coated at step two, but leaving the tofu pieces coated with flour for a few minutes gets them all soggy because even after draining there’s still a lot of liquid in the tofu. You want to do the coating only just before frying.)

6. Remove tofu pieces as they turn golden and drain on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

7. Divide the tofu between four bowls. Pour some hot sauce into each bowl and garnish with grated daikon, a little grated ginger (I used a little too much), shiso, myoga and spring onion. (I skipped the myoga this time because it’s very expensive and has a short shelf-life.)

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