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Harumi & Me (Week 11)

January 24, 2010

I’ve been continuing with my Harumi project on such a sporadic basis that I’m not sure anyone’s following it anymore!

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to keep up with my reporting =) Soooo….

Last night we had:

Fried Tofu with Bean Sprouts & Pak Choy

Chicken Sauté Kari Kari Style

Carrot & Tuna Salad

And in keeping with our less carb routine, we didn’t have any rice to go along =) Which was a shame, because the tofu and chicken would have gone very nicely with rice.

The tofu was a very simple dish, but light and pleasing to the taste. The only issue was that it took me twenty minutes just to tail all the bean sprouts. Ooh do I hate tailing bean sprouts… For those of you who are faint of heart when it comes to cooking, my advice is to just pay a premium and get pre-tailed bean sprouts! It will greatly improve your cooking experience, believe you me.

The chicken dish was nice too. The chicken is just fried plain in oil and topped with Ponzu Soy Sauce – very sour & salty, but good if used sparingly. The one little problem I had was I was supposed the fry the chicken skin side down first till the skin was golden brown, and the skin never made it off the pan =) So the oil I poured into the pan along with the natural fat from the skin that welded with the pan made for quite a splatter!

The carrot and tuna recipe is so so good I’m going to write it up as a separate post later today.

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