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Workouts for Busy Multitaskers

May 22, 2010

I thought it’d be fun to put up a little post about exercise. (For all you foodies and food blog die-hards out there – this is a good post to read! Can’t be devouring all those delicious cakes without working some of it off *wink*)

As some of you know, I used to do a fair bit of running and weights training in the gym. But a couple of months ago I felt my propensity for that whole routine start to wane significantly. Exercise had become such a drag. The thought of heading to the gym and sweating it out for an hour made me just wanna die.

Then I discovered Jillian Michaels’ DVD series. (For those who aren’t slaves to your TV, she’s the scary *ahem* I mean determined female trainer on The Biggest Loser.) I was ordering a few things from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and I happened to stumble upon her “30-Day Shred” DVD. I thought it looked interesting and it wasn’t very costly, so I ordered a copy of it along with her “No More Trouble Zones” video.

I started working out to “30-Day Shred” a little while before  I left for the US, and I have to  say it’s really quite fun! Jillian takes you through 3 circuits of a 3 minute strength – 2 minute cardio – 1 minute abs routine, so in total each workout only lasts about twenty minutes. But in that short span of time you work up a decent sweat, and you get to work on all your core muscles and to a lesser degree your smaller muscles too (like biceps).

What I like about following this DVD is that:
(a) I can work out in the comfort of my home with just an exercise mat and some free weights
(b) It takes only 20 minutes to get through one workout, so I can actually complete it while dinner is simmering, and
(c) It’s effective (at least seems to be so far).

The perfect way for a busy woman to get a good dose of exercise a couple of times a week!

So why do I have a picture of a shoe at the top of this post? Because just as I was getting into working out to my JM DVD on a regular basis, I bought myself this new pair of running shoes which I LOVE. The Nike Free Run+. It makes you feel like you’re running on air. It’s supposed to simulate barefoot running, which helps you use the correct muscles in your legs and in the long term reduces your risk of running injuries. I had been so used to running in chunky, heavy, uncomfortable shoes designed for people with flat footies like me, I never thought I would ever find a pair of shoes this light that could still support my feet. *dream come true*

So now I can work out when I feel like, and go for an unpainful run when I feel like =)

NB: The Free Run+ is much more expensive in Singapore than in the US – S$169 vs US$85.

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  1. cons permalink
    May 22, 2010 11:15 pm

    oh yeah jillian michaels, iron lady if the ranch! sometimes i do prefer Bob, more sensitive.

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