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Coconut Cupcakes with Pink Vanilla Buttercream

October 12, 2010

*This post made it to the Foodbuzz Daily Top 9 on 14 Oct 2010!*

Aren’t these cupcakes just pure happiness? I wanted them to look happy, because they were inspired by a happy surprise I received two weeks ago.

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I had just wandered into my house when I noticed a little blue slip of paper lying innocently on the ground, informing me that I had missed a package delivery. A package? But I hadn’t ordered anything… My curiosity peaked, I dashed to the post office first chance I got, and was very pleasantly surprised to see Hui Leng’s name on the envelope. For those of you who aren’t totally immersed in the food blogosphere, Hui Leng, better known as tigerfish, is the author of Teczcape – a wonderful and educational food blog that I enjoy very much. Hui Leng really knows away around her kitchen, and is especially handy with her rice cooker. She has, in fact, recently published a book called the Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook, that contains 300 recipes you can try with just a rice cooker!

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Cook & Fry

October 8, 2010

Here’s a little breather from the seemingly endless slew of Western dessert posts I’ve put up recently.

As I mentioned two posts ago, I’ve been doing more subsistence cooking of late, and that means the less glamorous but more enduring stuff, like basic stir-fry and steamed Chinese dishes. The pictures aren’t as fun to look at and the recipes aren’t quite as challenging, but I thought it might be worthwhile doing a couple of posts on these styles of cooking anyway, just in case I have readers who are terrified of cooking just like I was two years ago and could do with some simpler stuff to start off with.

If I can fry, so can you!

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Most Extraordinary Lemon Cream Tart (LiveSTRONG With A Taste of Yellow 2010)

October 3, 2010

*This post made it to the Foodbuzz Daily Top 9 on 4 Oct 2010!*

I’ve been wanting to make this lemon tart for a while. Dorie Greenspan learnt the recipe from master French chef Pierre Herme over 12 years ago, and loved it so much she decided to include it in her popular book Baking: From My Home to Yours. (I don’t own a copy of the book, but I hope I will someday soon!) For those of you who’ve been following my blog for some time, remember the gorgeous caramel pumpkin tart recipe that I was crazy about? Yup, it was a Dorie Greenspan recipe.

So anyway, yesterday I bought me a nice bag of lemons intending to make the tart over the weekend. When I got home, I was too lazy to do my chores so I decided to while away some time by blog surfing for a little bit. I chanced upon Ellie’s just-published post on LiveSTRONG With A Taste of Yellow, recalled that Shirley had also submitted a post in honour of LiveSTRONG day, and since two of my favorite bloggers had jumped on the LiveSTRONG bandwagon, I thought I should find out more about it too.

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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese

September 28, 2010

*This post made it to the Foodbuzz Daily Top 9 on 21 Sep 2010!*

For those of you who read my original post, please don’t be confused if this one is somewhat different! Earlier today I used my iPhone to take the original post offline because I wanted to make some changes, but unbeknownst to me the crappy WordPress app on my phone deleted 90% of my text. I only found out when I got home, went to my blog admin page and stared at my computer screen in horror. *sob*

In recent weeks I’ve been doing a lot more of what I call subsistence cooking – that is, preparing simple classic Chinese dishes that you can get done quickly and serve regularly to your family. This, coupled with my recent blues-y state, have left me in want of suitable blogging material.

So a few days ago I decided that to break myself out of this cycle, I should make something special. Something that would take a bit more effort and leave me feeling completely satisfied that I tried, even if it didn’t turn out to be a complete success. I rummaged through many of my cookbooks and felt largely uninspired until I notice IT: a big brown book sitting shyly at the far end of my cookbook collection entitled “Boulevard: The Cookbook“.

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I’m All Abuzz

September 21, 2010

Dearest readers,

See what happiness arrived in my mailbox today!

Yes that’s right! My Ice Cream Slice post made it to today’s Foodbuzz Top 9! =) (The link is here but after 21 Sep 2010 you won’t see my post there anymore.)

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Oreo Cheesecake

September 18, 2010

I recently tweeted about a little Oreo Cheesecake mishap I had, and promised to blog about it, so here goes!

I decided to make an Oreo Cheesecake two weeks ago for my sweet husband’s birthday, cos he loves Oreo Cheesecake. I had looked around a few weeks beforehand for recipes, and found two similar ones that I thought sounded good. One of them was actually from the Kraft website – yes, THE makers of cream cheese. I thought that since cheesecake is pretty much a big blob of sweetened cream cheese on a cracker base, the world’s primo manufacturer of cream cheese would surely know how to make a good cheesecake.

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A Consumerical Interlude

September 16, 2010

I don’t do this very often but, I just got this great Borders Singapore coupon in the mail that I simply had to share!

Martha Stewart Living & Real Simple & O Magazine, here I come….

(Click here to get the coupon)